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It is well known that a meeting with a dentist doesn’t bring much of pleasure for most of people, and every second person gets the willies even from the mentioning of the word "dentistry". In most cases this happens due to the failure of treatment experienced in the past.

We care about the health condition of every our patient

In our Clinic we often meet such patients and we know how to help them. First of all, the patient should feel that we care about his health condition, that we know that this is just a fear and how it can negatively influence his health and cause serious diseases to the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Our specialists will carefully listen to you at your first appointment and will prepare an individual program of a special training for your next visit. After the first treatment stage our patients state that their fear has gone. This is explained by the fact that during the treatment the patient doesn’t feel the expected pain and discomfort. The luscious music is playing in the dentist’s room, and the movements of doctors are calm and assured. The patient is surrounded by care and attentiveness of our staff.

We carefully follow all innovations in dentistry

Nowadays all types of dental disorders and stomatosis are well studied. Only the methods of their treatment are changing. Year in a year out they are improving, become more qualitative, more gentle, effective and painless. We follow all the innovations in dentistry and apply them in our practice not regretting time or resources thereon. We have the opportunity to work with equipment and materials of the latest generation, which allows us to conduct a highly accurate diagnosis and high-grade

The working peculiarities of French doctors

Our specialists are the well-known and experienced professionals from France. Their working peculiarities are based on the team approach to the issue of dental disorders and stomatosis treatment. Our best doctors and dental technicians are involved into the process of discussion of the way the treatment should be conducted. First of all, we should find out the wishes and desires of our patients, after which we will be able to offer all possible variants to make the proper decision. At consultations we cover several plans of treatment the number of which may vary depending on the chosen method.

To make an appointment, please, call (495) 707-23-23. We will select a convenient time for you and answer all your questions that may arise. Plus to this we will remind you about the oncoming visit ahead of schedule. In a case of emergency the patient can be examined and treated immediately.

The payment can be made in any convenient to our patient way: by cash or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard). The payment can also be made by a bank transfer to the account of our Clinic that can be completed either by the patient himself or by the third interested party, such as for example an insurance company or organization/company where he/she works.