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About Us

Since 2003 everyone who would like to get an appointment to the famous specialists from Paris, Nice, Cannes, Sophia-Antipolis, Lyon and Lille are welcomed in the first exclusive French Dental Clinic in Russia. Professionals from all areas of the dentistry have been invited from all parts of France to make a rigorous recruitment and selection process. Only specialists with extensive experience of successful work and great recommendations are working in our French Dental Clinic.

For the highest level of services, the highly qualified and professional stuff that meets all the requirements of the exclusive clinic was selected. The FDC personnel speak several foreign languages which helps a patient and a doctor communicate with each other free and easily.

The convenient location of the FDC and the availability of free secured parking make the visiting of the Clinic as simple and convenient in a big city as it is only possible.

The elegant interior, the light and pleasant French music, delicious coffee, comfortable waiting rooms and satellite TV immerse the patients into the atmosphere of comfort, quietness and calmness.

The FDC has 5 dental rooms of enhanced comfort the staying in which even for a long time is not burdensome and onerously for neither the patient nor for the dentist. This peculiarity positively impacts the effectiveness of treatment. For the sake of convenience, each dental room has a radiovisiograph which makes the conduction of X-ray diagnostics and monitoring of treatment available without the leaving of the cabinet.

In front of the patient seat there are special displays that enable his/her to take part in the process of treatment and to evaluate the final results by comparing them with the initial pictures taken by the special video camera that produces a survey directly in the mouth cavity and gives the image enlarged by several times. Even the most labor-intensive restorative works are performed as soon as possible due to the fact that the FDC has its own dental laboratory equipped at the state of the art level.

The exclusive works as may be required from time to time can also be performed in the most prestigious dental laboratories of France – the Bourbon Atelier d`Art Dentaire (Nice), which is in partnership relations with the FDC.

The FDC doctors are very careful and attentive to the health of their patients. The return of feeling of well-being and good cheer to the patients is the main concern of the Clinic’s team. Therefore decisions are made collectively with the involvement of doctors of all specializations. We are working hard to make the treatment of our patients absolutely painless and comfortable. The Clinic has a great atmosphere of kindness, compassion and trust, which are the main features of the French people character.

We are sure that the FDC will be a great discovery for you and your family on your way to the flawless aesthetics and unfluctuating health. Welcome to our Clinic!