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Modern Orthodontics

Orthodontics is cable to correct inherent dentoalveolar defects, restore the correct location of the teeth and bite, and make your smile beautiful.

What could be better than communication, freely expression of your feelings, smiling and enjoying your life? If a child or adult has any problems with their teeth, do not despair. Modern orthodontics is cable to correct inherent dentoalveolar defects, restore the correct location of the teeth and bite, and make your smile beautiful.

Incognito brackets


Michelle Cassani:
Incognito bracket system specialist.


Qualified in invisible lingual orthodontic technique for 20 years, certified "INCOGNITO" of Dr. Dirk WIECHMANN’s clinic

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Incognito - elite bracket system, the leader of lingual orthodontic!

  • Braces are fixed on the inner, lingual side of the teeth imperceptibly.
  • Are manufactured in TOP-Service laboratory in Germany especially for You upon request of your orthodontist.
  • Gold alloy does not cause allergies.

When do you need
to see a orthodontist?

Even if there are not visible changes, a child should be consulted at the age of 5-6 years as it will help to reveal hidden problems and correct them in time

What are the specificities of our treatment?

At the French Dental Clinic specialized orthodontic care is provided for children and adults with various congenital and acquired anomalies of dentition. First of all, in-depth dental exam is performed, the severity of any disorder is determined, in the case of need the patient will undergo an X-Ray (teeth panoramic X-Ray), other diagnostic procedures, and a plan for further treatment will be developed.

Most often, various orthodontic appliances are used for the correction of malocclusion and improper tooth position: braces (vestibular, lingual), fixed and removable orthodontic trainers, plates. Depending on the specific teeth defect of the patient and his/her wishes, the following devices can be installed: metal, ceramic, sapphire brackets, an Incognito system, or Invisalign kappa.

Sometimes in case of treatment failures and at the presence of pronounced dentoalveolar anomalies one has to resort to prosthetics and surgery.

For the highest level of services, the highly qualified and professional stuff that meets all the requirements of the exclusive clinic was selected.
The FDC personnel speak several foreign languages, including english and french, which helps a patient and a doctor communicate with each other free and easily.

The team of true professionals - orthodontists Michel Cassagne and Morozova Nathalie work for the French Dental Clinic. They will quickly fix an overbite and align teeth in the most difficult cases without any discomfort for the patient, both for children and for adults.

Best French doctors


François Najjar
French Dental Clinic.

Chief doctor

Since 2004 everyone who would like to get an appointment to the famous specialists from Paris, Nice, Cannes, Sophia-Antipolis, Lyon and Lille are welcomed in the first exclusive French Dental Clinic in Russia.

Professionals from all areas of the dentistry have been invited from all parts of France to make a rigorous recruitment and selection process. Only specialists with extensive experience of successful work and great recommendations are working in our French Dental Clinic.

Michel Cassagne
Michel Cassagne

Works as a dentist for 30 years. He has his own clinic in Paris. His main speciality is orthodontics.

Didier Saada
Daniel Serr
Consultant, Expert in the field gnathology

Works as a dentist since 1969. His spesiality is prosthetic dentistry and gnathology.

Philipp Vedrin
Philipp Vedrin
Dental technician

Works as a dentist since 1994 and has the highest category.

Full range of dental services by European standards in Russia
Our philosophy:
  • Our specialists are the well-known professionals from France.

    Their working peculiarities are based on the team approach to the issue of dental disorders and stomatosis treatment. Our best doctors and dental technicians are involved into the process of discussion of the way the treatment should be conducted. First of all, we should find out the wishes and desires of our patients, after which we will be able to offer all possible variants to make the proper decision. At consultations we cover several plans of treatment the number of which may vary depending on the chosen method.

  • Innovations in dentistry

    Nowadays all types of dental disorders and stomatosis are well studied. Only the methods of their treatment are changing. Year in a year out they are improving, become more qualitative, more gentle, effective and painless. We follow all the innovations in dentistry and apply them in our practice not regretting time or resources thereon.

  • Modern equipment and advanced technologies.

    The FDC has 5 dental rooms of enhanced comfort the staying in which even for a long time is not burdensome and onerously for neither the patient nor for the dentist. This peculiarity positively impacts the effectiveness of treatment. For the sake of convenience, each dental room has a radiovisiograph which makes the conduction of X-ray diagnostics and monitoring of treatment available without the leaving of the cabinet.

  • We care about the health condition of every our patient

    First of all, the patient should feel that we care about his health condition, that we know that this is just a fear and how it can negatively influence his health and cause serious diseases to the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Our specialists will carefully listen to you at your first appointment and will prepare an individual program of a special training for your next visit.

  • The payment can be made in any convenient to our patient way

    By cash or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress). The payment can also be made by a bank transfer to the account of our Clinic that can be completed either by the patient himself or by the third interested party, such as for example an insurance company or organization/company where he/she works.

healthy teeth and well-being
We are sure that the FDC will be a great discovery for you and your family on your way to the flawless aesthetics and unfluctuating health. Welcome to our Clinic!

A little piece of France in Moscow

Evaluate the European style and quality of service
not leaving the limits of Moscow!

The convenient location of the FDC and the availability of free secured parking make the visiting of the Clinic as simple and convenient in a big city as it is only possible.

Our address: 2-nd Zvenigorodskaya street build.13, b.41, Moscow
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